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Military Personnel

Military personnel under the following categories may temporarily qualify for in-state status:

  • A full-time active member of the Armed Forces of the United States whose home of residency is Maryland or one who resides or is stationed in Maryland, or the spouse or a Financially Dependent child of such a person.  Students that qualify under this provision will retain in-state status for tuition purposes as long as they are Continuously Enrolled regardless of a change in military assignment or status of the active member of the military.
  • A veteran who provides documentation that he/she was honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces and currently resides, or is domiciled, in Maryland.
  • A member of the Maryland National Guard, as defined in the Public Safety Article of the Maryland Annotated Code, who joined or subsequently serves in the Maryland National Guard to: (i) provide a critical military occupational skill; or (ii) be a member of the Air Force Critical Specialty Code as determined by the National Guard.

For more information about each of these categories, please see the Board of Regents policy. If you have any questions regarding receiving in-state tuition based on any of these categories, please contact our office at resclass@umd.edu