Change of Major

To process a major change, go to the college associated with your desired new major to obtain approval, advisement information, and process the change. Changes can be made with an advisor using the Student Information System - Major Change Processor.

Students contemplating a change in major to Architecture, Business & Management, Engineering, Government and Politics, Journalism, Landscape Architecture or Psychology should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 301-314-8385, for additional information and an up-to-date list of majors with special admission requirements.

Students considering majoring in Education should contact the College of Education.

Students with fewer than 56 credits not admitted directly into these programs may be admitted to the Division of Letters and Sciences, by going to the Undergraduate Advising Center and indicating a desire to do so.

Second Major: A student wishing to complete a second major in addition to his/her primary major, must obtain written permission from both the Dean of the primary major college and the Dean of the secondary major college. Forms for application to a second major are available at all college offices.

Second Degree: A student wishing to receive two bachelor 's degrees simultaneously must satisfactorily complete the regularly prescribed requirements of both degree programs and a minimum of 150 credits (180 credits if one of the degrees is in Special Education). Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog and meet for your advisor for more detailed information about Second Degrees.

NOTE: A student must be enrolled in the major program from which he or she plans to graduate when registering for the final 15 hours of the baccalaureate