Diploma Guidelines


The objective of these guidelines is to ensure the uniformity of wording, lay-out, and format of University of Maryland, College Park, diplomas. As diplomas may be considered legal documents in some settings, uniformity helps to guard against diploma misuse and credential fraud.


These guidelines apply to all diplomas officially conferred by the Regents of the University of Maryland, in degree programs approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).


  1. The required wording of Board conferred diplomas is given in Appendix A.
  2. Graduate degrees shall include the field of study.
  3. Undergraduate diplomas shall include the student's academic major unless the major is included in the degree title (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture).
  4. A single undergraduate degree shall include no more than three MHEC approved academic majors.
  5. Undergraduate diplomas shall include college honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) when earned.
  6. Undergraduate diplomas shall include any departmental honors which are to be incorporated with the major (e.g., Government and Politics with High Honors). Departmental honors awarded outside of a student's graduating major will be displayed separately (e.g., with Honors in Government and Politics).
  7. Diplomas shall include the seal of the University and shall carry the signature of each of the following four incumbent administrators: Chair of the Board of Regents, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland, President of the University of Maryland, and Dean of the graduate's degree granting college.

Replacement Diplomas

Graduates may request a replacement diploma if their original diploma has been lost or destroyed. Replacement diplomas shall carry all information contained on the original except that all signatories will be current administrators. Graduates requesting a replacement diploma will be subject to the current fee for such diplomas.

Unclaimed Diplomas

Unclaimed, undeliverable or withheld diplomas are retained in the Registrar's Office for a period of five years after which time they may be destroyed. Graduates wishing to replace an unclaimed, destroyed diploma must purchase a replacement diploma as described above.

Diploma Design

The diploma may be re-designed from time to time to address issues of style and aesthetics.

Appendix A
The Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland
In recognition of the successful completion of the
requisite course of study and on nomination of the Faculty of the
(Name of School or College)
by virtue of authority granted by the charter of the State of Maryland
hereby confers upon
(Name of Student)
the degree of

(Title of Undergraduate Degree)
(Commencement Honors)
(Major/s, departmental honors)


(Title of Graduate Degree)
(Field of Study)

with all the honors, rights, privileges thereunto appertaining. In witness whereof this Diploma, signed by the authorized officers of the University and sealed with the corporate seal of the University, is granted. Given at College Park, Maryland, on the (day) of (Month) in the year two thousand (year).
Signature, Chair of the Bd. Of Regents___________________Signature, Chancellor______________

Signature, President_____________________Signature, Dean________________________________