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Grades are issued by instructors and denote the level of subject mastery and scholarship in a course. The Office of the University Registrar is a steward of the academic transcript which serves as the official record of grades received at the university.

Academic Performance

Student records are reviewed each semester based on their GPAs for applicable academic honors, probation, or dismissal. 

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Course Repeats

Students should review repeat guidelines prior to repeating a course to determine the impact on their student record.

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GPA Calculation

Students can learn how Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated at UMD. 

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How to View Grades and GPAs

Students can view mid-term grades, final grades, and GPAs on Testudo.

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Incomplete Grades

Instructors may assign an incomplete grade when unexpected circumstances prevent a student from completing a small portion of coursework.

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Mid-Term Grades

Mid-Term Grades are used to inform undergraduate students of their performance in courses during the first half of the semester.

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No Grade Reported

No grade reported will appear in Testudo if a final grade has not been submitted.

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Pass-Fail Grading

Eligible students may select the pass-fail grading option when registering for a course.

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Grades FAQs

Answers to common questions about grades

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