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Register for Classes

All students must register to be able to attend classes at the University of Maryland. Registration requests can be processed online, by email, or in-person. Students are responsible for understanding UMD’s registration policies and guidelines which can be found in the  Academic Catalog and outlined in the sections below.

Steps to Register

Students should review steps to register for courses carefully to ensure a successful registration process

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Add & Drop Classes

Students may process changes to their schedule by adding and dropping classes after initial registration

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Blocks, Special Permissions & Exceptions to Policy

Students may encounter a registration block that prevents them from registering for classes

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Enrollment Status

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for compliance with standards for full-time and half-time enrollment

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Final Exams

University guidelines state that there will be a final examination and/or assessment in every undergraduate course

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Grading Method

Grading method determines how a course will be reflected on the student’s permanent academic record and counted toward degree progress

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Non-Standard Courses

Non-standard courses do not meet for the standard semester or term dates

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Seat Management Plan

The seat management plan is only used in the fall and spring semesters to reserve a portion of seats in general education and a few selected other courses

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Waitlist & Hold File

If a course is full when a student registers, the waitlist/hold file option may be available

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Additional Resources for Registration

Registration Guide

The Registration Guide is a downloadable document that provides information on a range of academic, enrichment, and support services available at the university.

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Extended Studies

For registration information about Summer session, Winter session, Freshmen Connection, and Professional Programs, visit Extended Studies.

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