Training Resources

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar's Training Resources site. Our goal is to provide support to faculty and staff in working with academic records, course and classroom scheduling, and data reporting. Training resources available on this site include how-to videos and user guides for campus-wide programs.

We encourage you to continuously check this site for additional training resources, as they become available.

System Information

Relevant systems are listed below based on the kind of function or role you may have (e.g., classroom schedulers might need access to 25 Live, WOW, etc.). Note that the systems listed in each group are provided as suggestions only. You should contact your supervisor to determine which specific systems are the most appropriate for your position.

Academic Advising and Grading
  • Advise on the Web [AoW] : Individual student information and batch capabilities
  • SIS: Transactional system for student, transfer course, and scheduling information
  • Testudo: Online web services for students
  • uAchieve: Degree audit
  • UMEG: Class rosters and grades
Classroom Scheduling Data Querying/Reports

* Please review this Data Warehouse and Reporting IT help article explaining the difference between pre-built reports (the report library) and Ad Hoc query access to determine if you will need report library access or ad hoc access.

Questions regarding Office of the Registrar training resources can be directed to